Sunday, August 16, 2009


Holy shit, this is a blast from my past. I bought this at Poobahs record store in Pasadena cira 1989 because the band thanked the Melvins on the back cover. Jack Endino was producing every lame-o band back then, so his name didn't help the sale...but he produced it, if you care.
I've written about records "growing on me" ad nauseum, but this one is different. The first thing that struck me about SGM was the terrible singer, Mike Loser. Fuck, why would anyone wanna listen to singing like that?? A few months later, I wore the record out so much, I bought the record again -on cassette tape. The best thing about SGM? MIKE LOSER'S VOCALS. I guess I just had to get used to 'em.
SGM were young, and their songs aren't PC (though it's hard to tell with Mike Loser's gnarled screams), but then they basically give a "fuck you" to rednecks and fascists in their liner notes. This record is SO '80s they even have a jokey "rap" song.
I included some scans and you can actually see how much use I got out of the record (the mp3s are from a diff source, don't worry). Anyways, turn it up and give it a chance. Most of it doesn't sound dated, and most of it rules!!

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  1. hey man I fixed the Cracked actor single on my page, sorry about that.

  2. I was listening to this black metal band earlier today called Bethlehem and the singer totally reminded me of the guy from SGM - that same uncontrolled insanity. Just thought I'd share that.