Thursday, October 29, 2009

Death SS

Italy's Death SS were started way back in 1977 by Paul Chain (music and lyrics) and Steve Sylvester (lyrics). The short of it is that Sylvester left in 1982, then Paul Chain broke the group up in '84.
Forward to 1988, Steve Sylvester starts up Death SS without Paul (as none of anything has been copyrighted) and still keeps Death SS going to this day.
I love the first three post-Paul Death SS records, but nothing beats the raw early shit. This CD has original (and superior) versions of Zombie, Terror, Cursed Mama (sounding damn near a KBD punk song!), Horrible Eyes (total Melvins-meet-Regan Youth sounding version!), etc...
Aside from all this, Death SS had the best LP covers. Google "Heavy Demons" and "...In Death of Steve Sylvester" if you don't believe me.
Paul Chain's current band's mySpace page is here. they only have 2 friends, and I doubt he gives a shit.
I don't see this for sale anywhere online, so here:

Nazi Babies With Cadaver Eyes


  1. I have the Paul Chain-Detaching from Satan...been looking for this for awhile. I was told it's out of print. Thanks....found your blog from CosmicHearse.

  2. Cool! Glad I could be of some help!

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