Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Balls and the Great White Idiot


I got this bootleg (my xerox cover not pictured) at the Sound Exchange in Austin. I think the same day this guy's band played there and knocked down the entire CD display racks he was singing on top of.
BBATGWI formed in 1975, being Germany's first punk band. They remind me a bit of the Kids, and have a great, gritty old school KBD kinda sound. According to Wikipedia, 2 of them got arrested days before a 2001 reunion tour smuggling a couple tons of hash off the
coast of France. One of 'em had to be the 3rd guy from the left. He looks like the guy who gave me PCP in high school.
A long time ago I mentioned these guys on a garage rock message board and Greg Shaw emailed me that he loved them and was stoked someone else loved them too. that was the only time I ever talked to Greg Shaw (RIP).
I think these are the MP3s I ripped from my boot several years ago, but perhaps I got these later from somewhere else. Either way, turn this shit up and have a Schlitz!

Anarchy in Germany


  1. they did 3 great albums including this one and a 4th i have never heard. second one (foolish guys) is much more "rockin'" than this very early punk record, and the third one (can't recall the title) was very experimental for its release year of 1980. the band itself is made up of three brothers from hamburg. the other two guys on the album cover here have very little to do with the band or the recording and are left off records # 2 and 3. the drummer is the singer of most tracks. i heard some stuff they were doing in the late 90's and it is pure crap.