Saturday, October 10, 2009


Believe it or not, this EP changed my life. OK, well it at least was the catalyst that pushed me into harder metal than the KISS, AC/DC and Twisted Sister I was listening to at the time. This was 1986, and I was starting to get sucked in to the darker side of metal with LPs such as Venom's "Possessed" and Impaler's "Rise of the Mutants" - And getting more into punk and hardcore. I was well on my way to becoming a little hellion.
Impaler were and are still from Minnesota. Singer Bill Lindsey with his semi-Rozz Williamsy spits, growls and screams keeps the band alive 25 years on, releasing several LPs, a couple DVDs and playing scores of live shows for those lucky enough to catch 'em.
I picked up their tape "If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous" when I was in 10th grade and into all things punkrock and saw that Bob Mould produced the record. You can tell these guys like some punk - especially bands like the Plasmatics.
I know Jay Loudmouth has some good Impaler stories, but for now here's a record that meant a lot to me a long time ago.

Shock Rock
(includes LP scans)


  1. Thanks brother! That means alot to hear that from an old fan!

  2. It's an honor. And thanks for not getting pissed I posted this!
    Come to San Francisco some time!

  3. Awesome post Mike! I'm gonna throw a link to your blog on mine;