Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghetto Ways


My band met Brooklyn's "Ghetto Ways" when we happened to play with each other in Münster and Ljubljana while on tour a few years ago. We hit it off and dug each others bands (at least they said they liked our band). They never toured the states but had built up a pretty good following around Europe — and for good reason.
Live, the Ghetto Ways were all about catchy songs and super high-energy shows; great dirty guitar playing and an unbelievable drummer. If the Bell-Rays were on In The Red they might sound a little like this...but then again the Ghetto Ways were doing their own thing. Plus Jenna, the singer, and I bonded on Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh so that means they're OK in my book.
Here are both records which you can only get in the states used or as imports. Last I heard Jenna moved to Germany, but if they do ever play again, go check em out!

Get Down on the Git Down

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