Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Frogs

After Aesop's post of "Racially Yours" and Adam's threat to post "It's Only Right and Natural", I thought I'd post the other classic Frogs album. It also happens to be my favorite.
In the same way "I've Got Drugs" from the Frog's first record made it's way onto many mixtapes, I was a fan of adding "Where's Jerry Lewis" and "Children Run Away (The Man with the Candy)" from "My Daughter the Broad" when the record came out.
This was the last record I really liked by them. The Billy Corgan produced "Starjob" came out, and I wasn't really into their attempt at Glam rock (Lee Harvey Oswald band did that thing much better).
I only have one Frogs story. I went to Lalapalooza to see the Frogs and the Boredoms because MTV said they were playing the side stage. When I got there, the bands had been replaced mid tour with Stereolab and Cypress Hill. I was fucking depressed. But Nick Cave was pretty decent, Shonen Knife played and we went to see Fitz of Depression in Hollywood later.

I sold my CD to pay for my grandmother's sex change operation, and only still have the first CD and a 7" so it's not my rip this time.

God Is Gay


  1. Man I love this band. Speaking of them playing lalapalooza, theres a great youtube video of them play at one of those with billy corrigan and they make him play the song "We only play for money", look for it,truly classic shit!
    LHO band Rulez!

  2. Their albums go for some rediculous amount on Amazon. Two hundred dollars an shit.