Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Apologies: A Japanese Tribute to Nirvana

I thought Nirvana were OK. Overrated. "They're no Melvins or Jesus Lizard" I used to proclaim. Yeah yeah yeah, anyways I may not have been the hugest Nirvana fan, but I am a big fan of "Engrish", and this CD is chock-full of it. Listen to "Wape me". Listen to it repeatedly and put it on comp tapes. Not all of this is as hilarious or even very good, but if you're a fan of the original material you might like it better than me -and it's slightly more listenable than the Japanese Metallica tribute. My only gripe is that someone really should have done "Been A Son" what with the whole Asian "female infanticide" angle and all - maybe if there's a volume 2...

This one isn't my rip, but I had to post it since I could only find it for sale online for 2,494 yen.

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  1. okay so i'm a huge nirvana fan, mostly due to the fact that i was 12 when nevermind came out and felt like i'd finally heard a band who understood me. when i listened to nirvana as a wee little angst ridden stoner it was the first time i ever thought, "hey, that guys just as fucked up as me, i could do that!" they also opened the door to underground music and like many kids my age i first bought records by bands like flipper and the wipers because kurdt told me to. so while i don't think the dude is jesus or anything, they do deserve some credit for being that "gateway band" for so many kids, and writing some pretty fucking killer songs to boot, which have stood the test of time waaaaaay better than their grunge contemporaries. wow i just wrote more in my comment than you did on the whole post, maybe i'm over the writer's block that has prevented me from blogging lately, oh well, fuck. anyway, this is hilarious, thank you.

  2. I saw them a couple times during the Bleach stuff and a few times after. I liked some stuff, but it was mostly the singles the first record and some of Incesticide...and even then it wasn't my favorite. Nothing against them though, but they should have STAYED an opening band to Dinosaur Jr!

  3. oh yeah, 3 of my friends are in that stupid smells like ten spirit video, but I didn't go because they were going to L7 after, and it was at a 21+ club and I was 19 or 20...I was pissed every time that thing came on TV!

  4. Numerous listening stations are set up for visitors to delve deep into the music, not limited to Nirvana but encompassing the entire Northwest scene.