Friday, October 9, 2009


"Thrash With Class!"
...Or so says the sticker on the cover of this forgotten Slayer-inspired "classic". EXE were formed in 1984 in New York and released two LPs before calling it quits.
There's some pretty cool songs on this LP, and some hilarious band photos (scans included). Halfway through though it gets a little generic ― OK let's face it, it's all a little generic ― but they got the chops and there's some cool hooky parts to make it worth some listening.
EXE released a second LP with corny pre-juggalo clown themed art. It's a thrashier record with a different singer, but I like this one better.

Metal Hell


  1. Love this record dude!
    Fucking CRIB DEATH!!!!
    Im gonna post their second on tommorow just because you did this.
    BTW what does their fucking name mean? any clue

  2. I've always idea!

    I've been listening to Mace's "The Evil in Good" a lot lately. Do you like that record?

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  4. Yeah I posted that album a couple months ago actually, fucking great album. I didnt like their first one much though, it was ok. Sorry about my fucked up removed comment,I dont know what the fuck I did to make that happend but anyway. I always wonder if their name was just the first 3 letters in executioner?

  5. my god ....EXE!!

    that pic, I dated that guy, no shit!


  6. and oh yeah "EXE" was just shorthand for Executioner.... and the one ridiculous pic you featured is Rick or RH as he's known otherwise is in a industrial band called BILE