Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iron Sheiks

I was going to post this on St. Patrick's Day, because who knows as much about drinking beer as the Irish? Australians! And this here is some fine music to bend the elbow to (and smash someone with an elbow to).
I don't know much about the Iron Sheiks, but they were still playing at least up 'till 2009 according to their myspace page. I found this record at Green Apple Books somewhere around 1997, and it's still a favorite. Musically, it's got a bit of early '80s California skate punk vibe, but it's still 100% Aussie.

Stunt Rock

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  1. these mad bastards (or at least some of them) are now The Meatbeaters - still continuing in that bastard son of motorhead fashion! iron sheiks still do appear occasionally when they are all in the same state at the same time... and theyre still ugly!