Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Stranglers


Not too long ago I was playing D&D at my friend Nick's pad and he had a tape (yes I said tape) of the Stranglers playing. It made me dig this old 7" out and listen to some of the old Stranglers stuff again. I was never much of a fan, but I liked what I was hearing that night. Maybe they were too "quirky" for me at the time, maybe I just wasn't ready for their awesomeness...most likely it was the cornball keyboards, which funnily enough is now my favorite part.
Anyways, here's the one single I own by them. Their 11th single in fact, featuring two unreleased songs! Make sure you seek out their debut LP, "Rattus Norvegicus" if you haven't heard it.

The Gospel

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