Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Raining Again...

I like making myself comps when it's raining. Maybe you like downloading rain comps when it's raining.
The last one I made is a bit better maybe, but I only have 125 gigs on my iTunes to work with here...

part 1



  1. Just got around to listening to this mix. It's good stuff, but who knew that the rainy season gits the Jerk a-wallowin' in the syrupy-est of pop songs? Ya big softy. I also wanted to object to the Coldplay number - but it's okay because you threw in some Immortal to balance it all out. Stay dry.

  2. yeah, this rain comp was dregs since I did a 2x CD rain comp last time. Some good stuff though!
    As for Coldplay, that's the only song I like because it was on the Garden State soundtrack that my old co-workers (not at AVN)used to play non stop.
    The first time we toured Europe in '98 I played nothing but the Pogues and Immortal on my walkman the entire time. That was good gloomy weather tunes.