Wednesday, March 3, 2010



X formed in Sydney Australia in 1977 after Ian Rilen left Rose Tattoo before their debut single was released (though he wrote the classic "Bad Boy For Love".
I think it was about a decade ago, local man about town Mark Murrmann released this 7" of "Home is Where the Floor Is" and three other tracks. It was my first time hearing the band, and I still play this amazing single quite a bit. You can buy their 2 LPs reissued now on CD here.
They're touring the states soon, but unfortunately Ian Rilen died of bladder cancer a few years ago, so he'll be joining original member Steve Lucas in "spirit" only.

Good On Ya!

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  1. when I was in Melbourne and picked up the X Aspirations LP my Aussie friends were bummed cause they wanted it. when they found out I had no clue what it was, they were super pissed. I figured if they were that whiny, then the record was probably pretty good, so I bought it. and it rules. lame on me for being a Johnny come lately and missing the boat on Marks repress of this bad boy, but with swell dudes like you around to rip it for me, who cares, right?!