Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If I put anyone in the mood for some hard to digest weird noisy experimental stuff, look no further than San Francisco’s own Factrix.
Last year or so I went to the local underground theatre here and watched an hours worth of live stuff, which was great. That wasn’t the first I’d heard of Factrix, but it was the first I’d actually heard them. I downloaded this soon after, since I haven’t seen their record around. They started in 1978, but this LP came out a year after the first Whitehouse LP. There are similarities, but Factrix reminds me more of the track Steve Fitch recorded with the Butthole Surfers a half decade later and some of the Residents less structured music. I’m no expert at this kinda stuff, but I like putting it on every now and then.

California Babylon

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  1. THANK YOU. I just found this blog today and was browsing backwards....I distinctly remember the summer of 1987 this being played by a neighbor a LOT in our ghetto ass apartment building. It creeped me the hell out and I was the one who always got odd looks for loving Possessed and Slayer. I'd look for it from time to time over the years but (and drumroll applause build please)...i always thought it was buy Xentrix..."hey do you have that really funeral creepy sounding Xentrix record?" i've probably said in record stores in various cities at least 1000 times...