Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saint Vitus

Sad news yesterday that original Saint Vitus drummer Armando Acosta passed away at 58 years young. As a guitar player, I never pay a whole lot of attention to the drums of a band but I do notice when they are especially amazing (Mountain's Corky Laing and Melvin's Dale Crover come to mind). Armando Acosta was also that kind of drummer.

I didn't hear Saint Vitus 'till the end of 1986 when I got SST's great comp tape "Blasting Concept 2". For me, the stand-out track was Saint Vitus's "Look Behind You". In fact Dave Chandler's Wah pedal sound on that (especially the awesome audible clicking off of the pedal) is what made me buy a wah pedal of my own. I've never forgotten how to play that song and can't help but play it every time I hook up the crybaby.

This early 12" EP is on the CD reissue of Hallow's Victim, which is amazing and since I think all their stuff is finally in print again, you might as well skip the download and head straight to their store. Oh wait, you already own this I bet...

War is our Destiny

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