Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten Yard Fight

If you're in a manly mood, no other music hits the spot like some youth crew hardcore. Well, perhaps a Manowar record would do the trick as well but then I'm not sure European heshers embrace the male bonding as much as the hardcore scene - and besides, nothing says "touching ass" like football-themed straight-edge hardcore.
Actually, this is one of my favorite pieces of hardcore from the '90s. The Outlast 10" comes close, and I'll put that up if it's OOP as well.
TYF uses football imagery as a metaphor for the sXe lifestyle ("You fumbled the ball" = breaking edge, get it?) and while it's all a bit tounge-in-cheek, the great songwriting have made these demos a classic. Youth crew sXe was always a good soundtrack for doing hotrails of speed to as well.
Anyway, if American football isn't your thing, and you'd rather hit the gym, Aesop recently posted this great (and funny) Dead Lift cassette here, otherwise check it out!

When the Cowboys Were Strong


  1. i was just talking about how much i loooove brocore!!! it's so much silly fun! thanks for you your awesome blog! just found it.