Thursday, September 16, 2010

Field Trip

This post is for those of you who have a soft spot for late 80s/early 90s college rock. Anyone? OK, well back then my weekends consisted of taping Headbanger's Ball and 120 Minutes on MTV. Remember when you had to PAY for music? And you couldn't type things like "Poison Idea live" into youtube and spend hours watching great underground clips? Well, watching free music stuff on TV was pretty sweet back then, even if it wasn't totally your cup of tea, or even if you had to stay up till 2 a.m. to watch the one Didjits or Nuclear Assault video they were going to play.

Anyways, Field Trip's video "Slumberjack" was one such tune played once or twice and after several listens on my VHS tape, I picked up the CD. It's a bit more mellow and produced than the stuff I listened to even back then, but there are some great tunes and catchy guitar twangs. They did a reunion recently and were way more rockin and abrasive then this CD would suggest. Hopefully they'll play again. I uploaded a couple shitty clips from my cell phone as well.

If you're a fan of stuff like fIREHOSE, the Meat Puppets and Wonderful Broken Thing / Chance the Gardener give this a spin. "Blue Blanket"is my favorite tune on here, and did I mention this band features the drummer from the amazing MENSCLUB?


Video Clips

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