Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wot's that you say? You like the 60s? You like the hip new rock beats coming from England like the Who and The Pretty Things? Well my friend, if you haven't listened to Powder's CD of mostly 1968 demos you're in for a groovy treat.
Powder were actually from San Mateo, a small town near San Francisco, and just a few train stops from Redwood City where I work. I couldn't find much info about any tours or label support, but after the short lived band broke up, Thomas and Richard Frost backed Sonny & Cher for a tour, then recorded a bunch of great (but very produced and sugary) pop tunes that you can get re-released here for a reasonable price.
In any case, ignore the reviews that say that these songs are just Who knockoffs...there are a couple semi-blatant riffs sure, but these guys definitely knew how to write great songs. I think you'll dig it.


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