Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Remember when you didn't give a shit what color vinyl the record you bought was on? Hell, I'd even quit buying records and switched to those damn convenient cassette tapes (that got eaten, lost or magnetized over the years) but sometime 'round 1989 Sub Pop convinced me that I needed to be collecting records, not just listening to them. In fact I should buy more 7" records than I even have time to listen to. And on every stupid color of vinyl they felt like pressing.

Tad's "8-Way Santa" (with the original cover and on green vinyl of course) on the other hand wasn't just a "limited edition collector's item". This record WAS Sub Pop. Sure the Dwarves' "Blood Guts and Pussy", the self titled Mudhoney and Soundgarden's "Screaming Life/Fopp" comp were essential listening for me back then as well, but when I think of the classic late '80s/early '90s "Seattle Sound" — or just any heavy rock music from that time — I think of this record...and I think very fondly of it. In fact I'm playing it right now. Why don't you?

God's Balls


  1. Love this album and Tad Doyle is one of the greatest men on earth.

  2. Always liked that cover...never gave Tad a chance...Now's my chance to give Tad their chance.