Friday, March 25, 2011


Vinyl Rip 12" ep

I guess it's NWOBHM week here at Blog the Jerk! headquarters, and I don't mind a bit, especially when it comes to Thunderstick. Yes, you know him and love him as the adorable drumming gimp from Samson, but maybe not all of you have heard his self-titled female-fronted rock 'n' roll band. I honestly hadn't 'till I came across this EP recently. Since there's no real "NWOBHM sound" that I can tell (most bands sound either: metal, pub rock, prog, pop, punkish, or a combination of to me), I'd say Thunderstick sound like a new wave band with metal guitars and minus the synth (I could totally hear "Runaround" on the Valley Girl soundtrack) though the title song sounds a bit like early Golden Earring meets Sweet. It's a pretty interesting mix of styles and some hooky songwriting. Of course my favorite thing about Thunderstick is the band photos...

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