Thursday, July 7, 2011

Smitten Comp

Love comps...the ' me that brings to mind Sub Pop's Afternoon Delight, but the warped, fucked up version of that bit of fluff was Beekeeper front man Ron Dulin's "Smitten" comp. The bands Karate Records chose to represent love? Aside from their track "Myrna Loy", I can't think of any Steel Pole Bathtub song I'd "bone down" to. The Cherubs? Aside from their name, the ugliest band since Stickmen With Rayguns. Slug? They were my favorite Los Angeles band, but "love" wasn't something I thought of when I played their records unless their song "Face down in the sand" had something to do with "From Here to Eternity"...

This comp is kind of the "film noir" of love song comps. Drugs, murder, lust, and fucked up relationships. Maybe that wasn't the intent, but aside from the opening Jawbreaker track this "love comp" is downright ugly. Par for the comp-course, some prolific bands phoned in a throwaway, but there's still plenty of great tracks by great bands - some long forgotten. Don't expect the sweetness of Tiger Trap or Bratmobile here; this is the kind of relationship that makes you punch a hole in your wall. When your clothes and records get thrown to you from a second story window, this is the love comp you want to hear...unless you're in Jawbreaker and you just drunkenly crawl into your basement and drown your sorrows crashing your model train set.

Kiss Me Deadly


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