Tuesday, July 26, 2011



After spending the past 5 days in Edmonton, Alberta Canada it's gonna get pretty moosey around here this week at Blog the Jerk HQ. Before I post the couple used LPs I got in the land of poutine and beavers, I thought I'd rip one of my favorite Canuk releases: Superconductor's "Heavy With Puppy". I'd pretty much buy anything on Boner Records back in those days (is it time to rip some DUH and Milk Cult?) but this here is one of my favorite releases. Noisy, catchy, SEVEN guitar players and a cover of "Satori Part One" by Japan's Flower Travellin' Band. Good stuff! Laughing Hyenas, Steele Pole Bathtub and Pain Teens...but with more pop sensibility. That figures, since a quick google tells me that one of the 10 listed band members went on to form the New Pornographers...but which one is it? Delicious Warm, Dream Whip, or Flying Fist? Maybe it's Sweet Bitch...

Ride the Big Penis

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