Thursday, November 8, 2012

The End

Seems like the glory days are behind us.  Googling album name + mediafire leads you to filestube and you're lucky to find a working link and half the time when you do it goes to some BS thing where you have to download a mysterious downloader onto your computer.  Many of my files have been taken down, and I don't re-up them (90% of the time) figuring it was breaking some kind of law. I'm not here to get fined or shut down.

If you're here for free mp3s, feel free to browse the back logs but don't report dead links. Otherwise, I'll just be posting some youtube and bandcamp links of stuff I'm digging lately from time to time.  I might not even talk about the bands, because I'm sure most of you don't read this crap anyway!


Speaking of bands, my friends and roommate's band OWL (S.F.) is on a tour of the States!  check out their debut LP here:

OWL at Bandcamp

Another buddy plays in the Bay Area's Glitter Wizard and their upcoming 2nd LP sounds AMAZING!  Check it out here:

Glitter Wizard at Bandcamp


  1. Sorry to hear about your blog.My files were deleted from mediafire ayear ago.I been re-upping,but it's a long process.don't use the actual band name/album title when you upload ,use abbreviations onstead,harder to track.Good luck to you,I hope you will at least re-up when people ask,people ask me all the time,but I barely have time to do any work on my blog at all,too much working!

  2. Oh well. I do read this stuff, but understand why you're doing what you're doing. What matters is that you did it. I'll keep coming back to read.