Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best albums of 2012!

first off, Stereogum's top 40 Metal list. It's a pretty good list with a posted song per band (that automatically plays the next band's song once you start which is cool).

As for me, this is my top 10 list of 2012:

SWANS - the Seer
Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat the Factory
(AND Guided By Voices - Class Clown Spots a UFO)
Occultation - Three & Seven
Dinosaur Jr. I Bet on the Sky
Windhand - Windhand
Aldebaran - Embracing the Lightless Depths
Owl - Owl
Taurus - Life
Blue Cross - I Am Death

Also been digging the UZULA , the Dawnbringer, and Golden Void LPs

Happy holidays, everyone!

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