Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This rare 1972 record reminds me of a mix of The Rolling Stones (Exile era) with some of the hooks and melodies Husker Du and Redd Kross might write (The opening track is pretty similar to "Books About UFOs")...fucking amazing!

Snotty vocals (think Kepi Ghoulie and King Tuff meet the singer of The Koala) mix with early Boston punk on the more rockin' tunes . "My Imagination" sounds like a NY Dolls/Hollywood Brats song (with a "Rocks Off" intro!) and they turn the Kinks "Yes Sir, No Sir" melody on it's head with the closing track "Only Just An Act". This record (that I only discovered this year) I can't recommend enough and is an absolute CLASSIC! The CDs are getting hard to find, so pick one up before it's too late!

Out Of The Shadows


  1. I can't believe I totally failed to mention their killer name!

  2. This is an awesome record, thanks for sharing! Love it.

  3. it's great, huh? Thanks for stopping by!