Monday, February 22, 2010


1986 was a pivotal year in my life. 1986 was the year I started skateboarding (not counting my old banana board from the '70s)and a bunch of East Coast hardcore bands started releasing records - Perfect skating music!
Along with DRI, Raw Power, C.O.C. and Agnostic Front, this Crumsuckers LP was among the "harder" punk stuff I listened to in 9th or 10th grade. It still holds up after all these years, although maybe not as much as I'd like*. It's pretty amazing how young these guys were when they wrote and recorded this album, but I guess you could say that for most of those bands back then. It sure makes a guy feel old and untalented.
Two of the Crumsuckers formed "Pro-Pain" and one of them went to be in the Genitorturers. I believe the Crumsuckers played some reunion shows of late as well.

Shit's Creek
(not my rip, but I included my LP scans)

*listening again for a second time, I take that back. It's still great.


  1. I rocked this and the Raw Power record pretty steady for a year eons ago. Now I got an IPOD so my geriatric ass can do it again. Thanks Mike. -Rotten Ron

  2. A friend just told me: "the guy from the Genitorturers was on their 2nd LP, not this one."
    He also said he was a cocksucker (and not the good kind).

  3. oh yeah, I had a tape in HS, this is a record I got in the mid 90s that was a radio LP, so there's that fucked up sticker thing on it.

  4. Some of these dudes were also in The Abused another great somewhat forgotten New York Hardcore band. They had an EP out in 1983 called "Loud And Clear." I don't remember them being all that young or old when I saw them.