Monday, February 22, 2010

Raw Power

When I told my Italian ex-roomate how much I love Raw Power he replied: "Fuck those bullshit motherfuckers! They fucking suck the shit-a!". Well maybe if you grew up in Italy and have seen Raw Power dozens of times (in the '90s), they might have worn out their welcome a bit, but that doesn't take away the fact that this is easily in the top 5 best hardcore records ever recorded. It's selling for a shittone of money on Amazon, so here it is.

Wikitrivia: their original bass player had been in the great Chelsea Hotel (the band, not the hotel). Sadly, guitar player Giuseppe died while playing soccer back in 2002, leaving his brother Mauro as the only original member.

Start A Fight
(not my rip, but I included my LP scans)


  1. Helder was easily the best drummer in hardcore.

  2. Wasn't Helder 15-6 when the first toured America? If memory serves I'm correct.