Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Bob's Nightmare

I don't know how popular they were in their hometown of Hostile City, Philadelphia, PA but Dr. Bob's Nightmare remain to me the best '90s band that never "made it".
Super catchy in the vein of the Hard-Ons, and grittier than stuff like the Queers or the Parasites, this CD has never collected too much dust over the past 15 years.
After their break-up, they formed the 440s down in Arizona. I know Wendy now lives out here in the Bay Area and still plays music, but if you have any more info on these guys then leave a fucking comment!

Kansas City Bomber



  1. Dave's in Tucson playing with a band called Bricktop - or was last I saw him.

  2. Todd here from Dr. Bob's Nightmare(guitar and screaming). Thanks for the kind words. Look for my new band, The Swinging Trucknuts, to be the next band that never made it.