Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Serpent Crown

My new favorite bay area band is Serpent Crown who feature an all star cast of miscreants: Dara Santhai (Santhai,Ravana,and local artist extraordinaire), Will Carroll (Old Grandad, Scarecrow, Death Angel, Cutthroats 9) and Dave Dinsmore (Lab, later era Bl’ast!, Unida). Strangely enough Dave — who plays barefoot — had his shoes stolen by our old drummer once when we played with one of his bands.
Serpent Crown are a tasteful blend of black metal, power metal and thrash, with Dara’s singing adding a bit of really cool 45 grave style to it all. At least that’s my take on them — I can’t really keep up with all the sub-genres these days. In any case, it all makes for a pretty rare original sound during an oversaturated time for heavy music. AND it rocks!