Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glenn Tipton's Flying Hat Band

This is actually half of a post, because instead of ripping the entire split CD bootleg of The Flying Hat Band and Antrobus, I'm only doing the four Tipton tunes. Antrobus are actually Scotland's Iron Claw (for some strange reason) who are AMAZING, but whose CDs are in print and reasonably priced.
As for the flying hat band, their unreleased LP isn't out anywhere so far as I know, but these four songs are available on your finer boots and blogs. Supposedly the record label thought it sounded too much like Sabbath and didn't release it (they were also from Birmingham and had the same management company). Personally, I think they have more in common with Deep Purple and Captain Beyond** but what do I know anyway?


**BTW, if anyone knows where Rod Evans lives in San Francisco, let me know. I wanna buy him lunch.

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