Monday, June 14, 2010

My Van Was Stolen!! -and Just found!

I am angry. And sad, but pretty fucking ANGRY. I will post an ANGRY MUSIC comp here tomorrow. But in the meantime, my sweet ride is gone.
I blogged about her here and even made her a mixtape.

*Update! The police found the van. Bayshore area off 3rd st. They snagged my radiator and fucked up some shit getting to it. They also stole both batteries and tore off half my front bumper and pulled out my hood release. I'm insured for damages...but I'm sure the insurance thing will be a big pain to deal with. I may have to pay some $ out of pocket. Bah.


  1. oh shit that HELLA sucks dude! hope you get it back in one piece...

  2. Long time follower and fellow van enthusiast (though I do not own one) and have to say that this sucks balls. You probably dont want the van back, sadly. Stolen vehicles never come back 100%..

  3. Hope you get it back safe and sound, and get to beat the asses of the perpetrators.


  4. Wow, man, good luck with that!