Friday, April 30, 2010

Rolling Rooms: A Blog the Jerk! Comp

I basically grew up in the late '70s and early '80s. At least those were the formative years of me sneaking my first beer, managing to score a few copies of Oui magazine from a friend, trying cigarettes and weed for the first time, and watching all kinds of things on cable my mom didn't know I was watching.
Back in those days a young kid could glean from movies that a. you weren't cool without a cool car and b. you will never get laid without a cool car. and c. beer and weed were cool (this was pre Nancy Regan, remember). The "cool cars" back then (according to Hollywood) were Corvettes and Custom Vans. The film "The Van" and the van featured in "Rock n Roll High School" left a permanent mark on my brain, and though my first two cars were neither of those things, I have gone through life with van-envy. Until now.
That's right, I finally got myself an old Chevy van! A 1983 G20 with a diesel engine (vegetable oil conversion kit included). Am I excited? HELL YES. Of course parking it in San Francisco is going to be a nightmare (as of this post I'm picking her up in a day or two).
Well, 'till I pick her up, I have been obsessively "vanning" the internet. I Joined a couple of online van sites, been reading mechanic manuals on my van, and constantly visioning all the custom things I wanna do to her. I also made this Van-tastic (yeah I went there) comp for my first trip out with her!
I'm not posting a track list since some of it is major label, in print stuff...but it's a "mixtape", so no harm done. It's pretty freewheelin' and I tried to mix some old hits with some more obscure stuff (like the James Rolleston song from "Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" and "S.O.U.L.")



  1. Can't download right now, but I hope you didn't neglect to include Bob Chance's classic "The Van Man."

    Congratulations. Make sure you don't mess up the shag upholstery with your lovemaking.

  2. ha, no- funny song though. I decided against anything disco sounding, but ended up putting on a track by Brotherhood Of Man and Hello anyway.

  3. Also, only a song or two is actually about's more of a "music to drive your van to" comp

  4. I have van envy too. I don't even like driving big cars, but there's something really appealing about a car that you can fit an entire mattress in.


  5. This, sir, is a post of unbridled joy.


  6. No "Cars & Girls" by the Dictators? For shame!

  7. I dunno, I heard the Dictators long after Gordan Lightfoot, Cheap Trick, and Deep Purple, and I don't really associate more punk stuff with van stuff- and this is MY van comp, put the dictators on YOUR van comp! (yours will probably be better).

  8. love it.
    gonna ad this to my van blog i am setting up for

    welcome to the club mike!! woo hoo!

  9. Rolling on your Van Comp @ work.... Loving it....(the Comp not the job) Many thanks

  10. Awesome man! Glad you're enjoying it!