Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Meat Sluts

The definition of a "good time at a show" is a Meat Sluts show. I don't know if it's their cute outfits, occasional contests or guy bounding about in a giant hot dog costume, but they also have good catchy garage punk songs to back it up. I generally hate "prop rock" bands, but they ain't no "prop rock" band.
The Meat sluts feature ex-members of the Double D's, the Loudmouths, and the Womentors. Scarlet (the most exuberant drummer in the city) also plays in Lost Puppy . The Meat Sluts are a band that encourages elbow raising and I've definitely been pretty wasted every time I've seen them. Also, even tho' one of 'em is vegan and one vegetarian you may still find yourself covered in Oscar Mayer corpse by the end of their set. Last time I saw them at the El Rio, the whole place stunk like a 3rd grader's lunchbox.
Anyways, the band gave the OK to have their CD posted here, so check it out, and next time they're in your town, go check them out!


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