Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheap Dates / Candy Snatchers split

For a while, Man’s Ruin was doing this weird thing where they’d release a 10” from two bands, then a few months or so later, issue a CD with both bands on it – but Kozik would design the cover so that you’d never know that it was a split. Such was the case with my band where we got all the “glory” and local hardcore band "the Idiots" got the short end of the stick (and UPC code). In this case, it was the Cheap Dates.
Anyways, you all know who the Candy Snatchers are, so the Cheap Dates were good friends of ours from the bay area fronted by my buddy and ex-roommate Pete Jay (Black Queen, Wormwood, etc…), and featured Shane White’s brother Jason on drums. They were a really good and creative band, but perhaps a little too weird for some of the persnickety garage rock scene. Check em out, and listen to what’s not the best Candy Snatchers songs ever, but still pretty decent stuff.

This Is Rock N Roll!

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