Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tony Rojas

Most of San Francisco knows Tony from being in Shotwell (and Flophouse and his other current bands), however, hidden deep in the recesses of Tony’s closet (according to Jimmy Shotwell) lie boxes of Tony’s solo CD. It’s too bad there aren't more out there, 'cause for a while this didn’t leave my stereo and a lot of people would really dig it.
It might not be for every fan of his other bands — some of it sounds more like Chance the Gardner or Wonderful Broken Thing rather than the sorta Mission District peace punk (if that’s what you wanna call it) he normally plays — but if you’re like me and like mellower stuff too (Bill Fox's solo stuff comes to mind on “Brother”) you might wanna give this a chance. There’s also a couple garage rock stompers, a little bit of Cheap Trick, and some good ol' political lyrics, including a better, acoustic version of Shotwell’s “R U Insane”.

Salt of the Earth

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