Friday, April 2, 2010

Kryst The Conqueror

1989 was not really a good year for two Misfits to release a classic 80s metal sounding record. Maybe there really never was a good time for this to be released. Back then I was burnt on stuff like Maiden and getting into the noisier punk records being released. Still, I couldn't resist picking this CD up a couple decades ago in a cut-out bin.
you know what? It's a pretty damn decent EP of 1984ish metal. It's like they didn't care (or were aware) of what was happening in music at the time. they got Jeff Scott Soto (of Yngwie's Rising Force) to come in to the studio, called him "Christ the Conqueror" and made him sing some awesomely corny fantasy lyrics. It's not often that something I thought was a total joke at the time becomes a personal favorite.
Anyways, most of you remember this one, but maybe you haven't heard it in a long time. It may have grown on you since you last gave it a spin, or maybe it's like what my mom said in the late 80s: "The music of today finally makes appreciate KISS".

Thunder Thruster


  1. hey if you search at chewbone you will find a full length version of this kryst album,these songs are much heavier,and lots more tracks.see if you can find it!if you need it let me know!

  2. oh cool- I was actually gonna see if the full length ever got leaked. I'll search for it, thanks!

  3. Hey, if you ever found that full-length, it would be GRRRRREAT if you could post it up here! I can't find it!

  4. FULL VERSION here: