Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haunted Garage

Let's go back to 1990 Hollywood. There was no band in L.A. more fun and entertaining than Haunted Garage. Not The Duchess Se Sade, not the Mentors, not even Celebrity Skin. Live, in a spectacle of fake blood, mousetraps and gore gore girls, you'd hardly notice that their songs weren't very good. Unfortunately, this being an MP3 blog and all, it's their songs — not a live video — that I'm posting.
I remember one show I went to on the morally bankrupt "Sunset Strip" had Tool and White Zombie opening for these paragons of gore. I think they opened with a woman giving birth to singer Dukey Flyswatter that night. I can't remember. But I still have a photo of it somewhere.
Last time I saw Dukey he was at Mondo Video (RIP) browsing the horror, and shorty after I moved back to S.F. they played a reunion show that I can only imagine was amazing.

Satan Of The Morning

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