Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black Jack


Man, there were some great punk rock records in the mid to late 90s. No, really! The Candy Snatchers, Hookers, Spiderbabies, Son of Hercules, ANTiSEEN...just a few who put out some great stuff. One underrated classic is Black Jack's self-titled LP.
Estrus put this out then seemed to disown it when Black Jack pissed off everyone at a Garage Shock fest with a barrage of heel shit-talking that didn't go over so well (from what I remember reading — I couldn't find out anything online).
A mix of the Misfits, ANTiSEEN, and early '80s West Coast punk, it was an unusual release from Estrus and at the time a breath of fresh air from a label whose releases were getting a bit "same-y". It didn't get great reviews, but this is a fun fucking record — raw, sloppy, and catchy as hell.
Ripped from my LP in glorious 320kbps, the songs go into one another so I left the tracks as "Side A" and "Side B" (Jpg of track listing included). Anyone have more info on these guys or what they're up to now? Lemme know in the comments!

I'm Gonna Step On You!


  1. Wow, I thought the only folks that knew about this record: A) were long lived Portlanders, and B) knew Warren personally. What a blast from the past! Thanks for posting!

  2. Super awesome! Haven't listened to this in years

  3. Glad I dusted this one off for everyone - Thanks fer posting!

  4. The guitar player/back vox is also the bass player from Galaxy Trio, a great instrumental surf/rock group, they were also on Estrus.

  5. this is one of my favorite albums (i have it on vinyl too, i love how it's just the all black cover). fucking love it. i would love to know what these guys are up to as well... never heard much about them. P-O-S-E-U-R! all great songs.

  6. Some one here in Winnipeg printed about 20 Black Jack T-shirts.

    I wear mine with pride. Would love more from this band.