Monday, August 23, 2010


Possibly the craziest film ever made is Nobuhiko Obayahi's Hausu (AKA "House", 1977). I gotta thank the Manchester Morgue for posting this last year and turning me on to the film which had gone under my radar 'till then. The soundtrack is nearly as wacky, ranging from Goblin-esque prog to 70s rock that would be more at home in a Leif Garrett foosball flick.
So nope, this one I don't actually own but will be happy to buy should it become available — just as I currently own a copy of Hausu, but can't wait for the Criterion release due out soon.

Cherries Were Made For Eating


  1. Hey now, Longshot is a great movie! And features an early prototype of Oingo Boingo.

  2. Ah, thanks for posting this! Love this film.

  3. NP! Such an amazing film. The Blu-Ray print looks incredible.