Monday, August 23, 2010


Back in 1994 when I was pimpin' (yeah right) I ordered this CD from one of those Colombia House 9 records for a penny deals. It's as funky as you'd expect from the dangerous crew, and it's a slightly more consistent record than anything Too $hort or Ant Banks released (IMHO). the rhymes keep coming and the bass sounds like a wet fart from a big black booty. Way fucking underrated. Too $hort, as usual, makes a guest appearance and like on Ant Banks's "Big Badass" busts rhymes that rival those on his own recordings.

If you don't feel like burying your face in the nappy dugout after listening to this, then you're listening wrong.

Oakland, California Where the Mac Was Made

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  1. This post marks the first time anyone has mentioned Ant Banks in roughly 10 years.