Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cat Rapes Dog

My bandmates and I were talking about that Swedish Death Metal book last night, which doesn't have much to do with Cat Rapes Dog, but maybe I had Swedes on the brain this morning.
Cat Rapes Dog are my all-time favorite industrial (or "electro-punk" if you like that term) band and have been since my friend Lindsay dubbed me a few songs off this record back in '90 or '91.

Cat Rapes Dog was started in 1984 by Joel Rydström and Magnus Fransson, just one year after Skinny Puppy's debut ep and Alien Sex Fiend's first cassette, but they never got the attention those bands did. "God Guns & Gasoline" didn't come out 'til 1990, but it's still my favorite. "Maximum Overdrive" is another excellent record (especially the track "Schizophrenia").

Anyways, check this out unless you want to buy the CD on amazon for $255 new. (or used from private sellers at around $9). Crank up tracks like "Homo Bulldozer", or "American Dream" and blow something up.

Ass For a Brain

Oh why the hell not- here is the OOP "Maximum Overdrive" as well:

Hell Is Real


  1. Both albums were awsome.
    I would like to get the maximum overdrive one but your link, hell is real,goes to the god guns and gasoline album which i have the cd.
    Haven't found the overdrive, do you still have it in a link that I could use?
    Thank you.

  2. Sorry 'bout that! Should be fixed now

  3. Thank you Mike,
    that one worked.

    They were really awsome