Saturday, February 12, 2011


When Esham A. Smith was just a 13 year old kid in Detroit, he made the dark, violent rap album Boomin' Words from Hell. It's a solid record, and it's primitive low budget recording adds to it's charm. The real draw here though is Esham's dark lyrics and the flagrant use of vocal samples from popular gangsta rap songs of the era. Red Rum could be the blueprint for future horrorcore groups to follow such as ICP and Flatlinerz. He would much later briefly sign with the former's label.

Make sure you check out Esham's third record, KKKill the Fetus: "It's just another embryo, attached to an umbilical; You can let that baby grow, but I'd kill it though; kill the fetus ". Fuck yes.

Some old wicket shit!!!

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