Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rockin' Vickers

Probably most famous as being Lemmy's first band, the Rockin' Vickers were in their own right one of the best early British bands outside of the Pretty Things, the Who, and the Kinks. Alright and the early Beatles stuff too. Check out the solo on Townsand's pre "The Kids Are Alright" song, "It's Alright" with Lemmy trying to outdo Dave Davies solo on "You Really Got Me". Unfortunately the group disbanded before writing more than a couple original tunes. Instead of rambling on about the CD, I'll tell about the only time I met Lemmy.
It was at an Evil Angel porn party in Vegas during the AVN awards. Too $hort was the stage attraction and I was kinda drunk when Lemmy came walking up straight toward me. Instead of ignoring him like I should have done, I had enough liquid courage to actually bother the guy - however not being too drunk to know not to ramble and seriously interrupt his search for poon.
"You were wrong in your biography", I said. "I like "Kiss of Death" just as much as your old stuff". He smiled and said thanks. I then asked "When is the Rockin' Vickers stuff going to be reissued"? (I think it prolly was in print as an import looking through google, but I had been looking for it since my bootleg tape vanished and couldn't find it on CD). He then sort of chuckled and said something like "those guys something something something and laughed". Yeah, Lemmy is kind of hard to understand in a noisy Too $hort porn party. I said thanks and goodbye or something and left him alone.
Later he came up next to me at the bar and I offered to buy him a drink (does anyone charge Lemmy for drinks anyway?) he said thanks, but he had one. He stayed there and started talking to a stripper / porn star type. After 10 minutes she asks him: "What band are you in again?" "Motorhead, luv" he said.

Shake, Rattle & Roll


  1. Looking forward to this, thanks.

  2. I remeber Lemmy when he was with the rocking vicars and the band before he joined them. The were so much better with him playing guitar. He was a bit like Pete Townsend with his guitar antics launching a cymbal across the stage. Ramming his guitar neck through the fronts of the speakers and Harry Feeney holding the Mike to the speakers to give more feedback. In those days I thought they were one of the best groups I had seen live.

    . I first saw Lemmy with them when they were in a supporting role on a Who concert at Blackpool south Pier in 1965. I also took colour pictures of the Group with a very young Lemmy posing with his lead guitar. I unfortunately only have one left which I treasure as Im sure even Lemmy hasnt got a copy of this. I also have one of their old Dandy posters and black and white pictures they had taken at the time. I also taped one of their sets they played in 1965 and still have that on cassette.
    Although I go to Hollywood every year I have never been fortunate enough to run into Lemmy as I would love to see him again. Ive only met him once since he left the Rocking vicars and that was at Blackburn in 1985 when we got backstage to meet him with other members of the group. Harry Feeney and Steve Mogsy Morris.
    But have seen him many times onstage both with Hawkwind and then Motorhead. I always used to say to my friends that one day he would make it big. I just wish the rocking viocars had got the breaks they deserved as they were so big in the north west of England.
    Jim Marsh

  3. Thanks for the personal stories and history lesson! Cheers! -Mike

  4. Lemmy didn't join the Rockin;Vicars until 1966.
    I got him the job.

  5. Harry Feeney, lead singer with the Rockin Vicars is Harry Feeney Cars in Blackpool now

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