Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Obsessed

"The Church Within" marked The Obsessed's major label debut, and unlike seemingly EVERY other band to get on a major label during the 90s, the lineup of Wino, Greg and Guy put out the band's best material. Sadly it was their last.
The origins of The Obsessed lie with their band Warhorse (before they changed their name) way back in 1976 (yep, only a year after Motorhead started —where's the Wino documentary?). Well, as we all know, Wino joined St. Vitus after the departure of Scott Reagers, and The Obsessed broke up. After Wino left Vitus, they reformed, released some old stuff, and recorded a new record (featuring ex Across the River and future Kyuss bass player Scott Reeder) called "Lunar Womb". Dig that one up too.
It's hazy but I kinda of remember that they were set to tour Europe —with the Melvins maybe? — and their record label pulled the plug due to poor sales. Anything THIS good that doesn't sell makes me lose faith in humanity.
In anycase, the band went on to form Goatsnake and Sunn O))) with Wino forming several new bands and rejoining Vitus.

Torn In Half Like A Dollar Bill

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