Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Nils

I admit to being a Men Without Hats fan, but the greatest thing that band ever did was giving the Nils money to record their first EP.
The Nils started when brothers Alex and Carlo Soria were young kids in Montreal (Alex being only 12). They didn't release much during the years they were active and recording (though they started in the late '70s and reunited in the '90s, their recorded output was 1982-1987), but what they did is essential for fans of power pop, early Minnesota bands like the Replacements and Hüsker Dü, or anything played with heart really.
Unfortunately Alex committed suicide in 2004 when he was 39 years old. If you like this comp of early Nils recordings ("Call of the Wild", the "Now" demo, "Sell Out Young" and "Paisley") check out their LP, Alex's post-Nils band Chino and his solo record.


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  1. The nils still exist and they just played with the DK on the 9th of February 2013, just so that you know.... Carlos Soria plays Bass and sings ( he has a voice really close to Alx voice), Marko Donato plays guitar with Phil Gravedigger and Colin Burnett plays drums. They give out quite a performance and have released a new album called The Title is The Secret Song and re released most of their EPs... They are quite active nowadays...Just so that you now...

    Check out their FB fanpage..

    Tobe Damit