Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Free Spirits

From what Amazon says, this CD is only available for $28 from a private seller...so, dear reader (readers?) I can FINALLY post one of my favorite records of the 1960s.
Now, this record has been advertised as the first Jazz-Rock record, whch IMHO sounds pretty dreadful but thankfully the genre-blending result that Out of Sight and Sound pulls off is fucking brilliant.
Great songs and an ear for 60s pop, but with more complex rhythms and time signatures. According to Unterburger's liner notes and interview pieces, their live shows were much freer, sometimes jamming out a tune for an hour or doing a ten minute unaccompanied sax solo. The reason this record come out so different is that their label wanted short, under 3 1/2 minute pop songs. At the time the band was frustrated but have come to like the record —hopefully as much as I do.
In their brief run as a band, they opened for Hendrix, the Doors and the Velvet Underground (where at one point Free Spirit member Chris Hill jumped on Mo Tucker's set for an improv jam).
Since I got this CD four or five years back, someone has asked "What band is this?" every single time I've played the opening track "Don't Look Now". If you get the chance, check out Larry Coryell's 1969 solo record that features not only the Free Spirits' drummer, but members of The John Coltrane Quartet.
All I can say is that if this isn't what you listen to for the rest of the day, I'm packing up this blog and going home.

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  1. Thanks to that screencap, I understand the difference between imports and exports.

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  3. Awesome! Thanks for this. I was researching Jim Pepper - the horn and flute player who sings Witchi Tai To on the Everything is Everything Feat. Chris Hills LP and got lead here. And Im digging it!

  4. As a Larry Coryell fan, I came across this LP, mentioned in "The All Music Guide To Rock." Just saw Larry in Toronto - took in the sound check too. Of course the show was Great. Larry on sitar here-with much energy - Fantastic! Thank You So Much for this!!!