Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Sunshine (OST)

Imagine you lost all your hair and became a homicidal maniac due to a delayed reaction from some acid you dropped 10 years before. A great premise and a fantastic movie. If you've seen the film you know what to expect here: eerie sci-fi tunes, and proggy disco numbers!
This is a great soundtrack, and Composer Charles Gross would continue a lucrative career scoring for television as well as the occasional movie (unfortunately tripe like "Turner & Hooch" and "Air America").

This Ain't the Summer of Love


  1. Awesome! I just dug this DVD out last night and wondered if the kind ol' blogosphere could hook me up with the score! I love the interwebs! And I'm digging your blog in general... good work, mate.

  2. Thanks man, I own the double disc DVD edition of this film and you saved me a one hour trek to my old house outside of the city to grab it for a transfer. I only ever saw this film 3 times before the invention of DVD. Twice on old independent cable channels in the 80's and once on a badly beaten and abused VHS tape around 1992. Jeff Lieberman shot some decent horror stuff if memory serves, but it's true he is in fact responsible from his day job grunt work film lab tech days for the irreparable butchery of most Laurel and Hardy and Three Stooges films and shorts. Yeah, that's just what I wanna see, a Curly, Moe and Larry torso shot for a whole conversation piece. Lesson learned, don't be fucked up drunk or stoned and be cutting film in a lab.


  3. Praise Jezus! Thank You!

  4. Hi!

    I've just watched this movie and I really love the soundtrack. Unfortunately your link is dead :/ Could you please reupload it?

  5. HEY, upload again the link, bitch.