Saturday, January 2, 2010

Teen Challenge Addict's Choir

I can't think of a better New Years resolution for you people than to get that dirty rig out of your arm and smoke up a pipe full of Jesus instead.
The Addicts Choir was founded by Andrae Crouch who started playing gospel music back in 1960 and has released dozens of records since (and has managed to get his name on the Hollywood walk of fame). Perhaps the most interesting thing about this record is the cover, and maybe the "Signed D.C."-esque "Addict's Plea" sung by Andrae himself, but there's also a few lively church-shakers all sung by addicts coming out of TC Rehab in Los Angeles.
Religion has always seemed really weird to me. My mom was all ouija and tarot cards when I was growing up, and the 2 months I did attend Sunday school I was kicked out for talking about the Exorcist. Anyway, if God didn't want us to do drugs, he wouldn't have called it "Angel Dust".

Vinyl rip, includes scans/back cover bio etc...

Jesus Is My Heroin!

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