Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guided By Voices: 6 EPs!

Even if I like a band, I usually won't buy "CD singles". Something about them seems a waste and a rip off. GBV on the other hand does you right; the ones I've picked up have at minimum 3 unreleased tracks, and sometimes as many as eleven. Maybe no one told them what an EP is supposed to actually be. Some of the stuff released here and on their box sets is pretty rough, others are album quality but all good listening.
I recently posted a GBVCDEP recorded during their later "Do the Collapse" era, but these here are some earlier (and better) recordings. If you think Pollard can do no wrong, you already have these 39 songs, but if not...

(includes: Fast Japanese Spin Cycle, Forever Since Breakfast, The Grand Hour, I am a Scientist, The Official Ironmen Rally Song, Sunfish Holy Breakfast). The great 11 track "ep", Get Out of My Stations is still available, and it's one of the best, so pick it up!

Don't Stop Now...


  1. Ah, Sunset Holy Breakfast IMHO was the last great gasp of the 'classic' lineup. Forever Since Breakfast used to sell for a gazillion dollars on eBay.