Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cause For Alarm


What a fucking great 7" ep this is. Cause For Alarm started back in 1982 and were a Krsna band -though I don't think this ep is lyrically Krsna at all. Fast, catchy and as KFTH correctly stated "urgent".

Time To Try


  1. Initially before reading this blog I thought that it is security alarm installation guide. Later I laughed at my self for being so funny.

  2. Rob Kabula and Alex Kinon from Agnostic Front played on this 45. The band was originally from New Jersey but I don't believe there are any recordings in existence of that line up. I heard they were called John Hinkley Fan Club until they moved to New York. Keith Burkhardt was an Agnostic Front roadie if memory serves for awhile. Krishna wasn't injected until they reformed around 1994 as Keith was a Krishna and the only returning original member, although I heard Rob played a couple gigs at the beginning. They folded again in 1997 after some major fallout possibly involving a gun and some drug or alcohol intake with the last line up during a tour of South America. Keith is now a Buddhist.