Monday, January 4, 2010


Is this a blast from your past or is it everything you hated about the early '90s? Well for me it's a bit of both - mostly the later. I always wonder things like: they had the idea to cover a VOID song (and do it justice for Christ's sake!), why aren't they more tasteful? Then I remember my old bands from around that time...
Actually, this album is harder than the cover would lead you to believe. Sure you got the giant peace sign, some "'80s damage" fashion, 3rd Bass haircuts (see insert), and the metal is "funked out"... but I like it better than bands like Living Color, 24/7 Spyz, Limbomaniacs and that ilk. Think Sick of it All and Metallica (they do a Meat Puppets-esque cover of "For Whom the Bell Tolls) meet MCM and the Monster.
You can prolly pick this CD up cheaper than what it costs in bandwidth to download it, but if you're as nostalgic as I am, you'll give it a listen.


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